Pax Era Pro Vaporizer



Pax Era Pro Premium Extract Vaporizer Device made exclusively for Pax Era Pods.

The pen-and-pod system for effortless extract experiences.

Have confidence in your experience: achieve sensation predictability with control over temperature, flavor and potency.



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  • Usage

    • Material


    • Charge Time

      45 minutes +

  • Size

    • Device Size

      3.3″h x .72″w x .40″d

  • Temperature

    • Temperature Settings

      4 +

    • Avg Heat Time


  • App & Bluetooth

    • App Support

      Yes via Bluetooth

    • Bluetooth Range

      10 feet

    As with most other modern cartridge-based vaporizers, the cartridges themselves double as the mouthpiece, so you’ll never have to clean one. In fact, the self-contained nature of the system means no more sticky fingers between bowls or gross residue in the kitchen sink, if you also hate that gunky mess.

    The only physical interface you really have is the USB-C port on the bottom, which quick-charges the pen at what is best described as lightning speed; a single half-hour trip to my wall charger, and it will last me nearly an entire half-gram cartridge. (A bit longer and you’ll have enough charge for a full cartridge, or about 300 to 500 puffs.) For any other controls, you’re supposed to use the Android app or desktop app. (Sorry, iPhone owners. You must use a web app due to an Apple-wide ban on vaping apps.)

    Into the Weeds

    If you’re new to the world of “potent potables,” there are a couple of types. There are portable vaporizers that take actual ground cannabis flowers, but we won’t be talking about them here. Instead, we’ll focus on oil vapes, which contain cannabis extract.

    At first, vaping cannabis oil might feel sketchy. You’re not wrong to feel that way, either. 

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